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For Thursday, March 1st, 2011

March 1st, 2011 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

On Thursday we’ll be in the I-Building, room 203. Please meet us there for a tutorial and introduction to your Wikipedia group projects.

For homework, please read  “Writing an Article,” which will provide you with an introduction to Wikipedia and give you some very necessary information about to create your first article.  Please come to class with both of the following things prepared:

1) Create your own Wikipedia account and record your user information in a readily accessible place (somewhere in the notebook you use for class)


2) After reading, go back through your notes and course readings with an eye for objects, people, and theoretical terms that meet Wkipedia notability guidelines for articles. (Write out a list.) Then, check to see if these terms already have Wikipedia pages. On your blog, post two to three  possible new article ideas that don’t already exist on Wikipedia. Please do this before noon on Thursday so that I can see you suggestions before our class.

 In the lab, I will assign you to your groups for the project and have you select your role in the group (more on this on Thursday…).

A note on the status of your drafts for the first paper: I will be reading the electronic versions of your drafts this week and emailing them back to you by the start of the weekend so that you can can re-think, re-organize, and edit for the Thursday, March 10th due date.

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